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Franklin County Animal Control

by Director Lynn Bowling


Thank you for visiting the webpage of the Animal Control Services Department. We are  responsible for Animal Control and Animal Sheltering activities within Franklin County, North Carolina, and are located at 351 T Kemp Rd, Louisburg, NC 27549.


We strive to protect animals from abuse, neglect and homelessness. Our staff have enormous hearts and do everything we can to provide resources to the community to promote responsible pet ownership with the goal of reducing dangers, overpopulation and nuisances caused by stray and unwanted animals.


Animals that come into Franklin County Animal Shelter are of various backgrounds, most are unknown. Our staff is dedicated to finding homes for the animals in our care. Many of the animals are offered for adoption to the public. Some have issues which prevent us from allowing them to be adopted by the public. We work continuously with 501c3 nonprofit animal rescues who provide the treatment or training these animals need to rehome them.  


Our Mission


The mission of the Franklin County Animal Control Department is to provide the citizens of the county with the highest level of animal services by enforcement of our State and local laws, to promote public safety, health, responsible pet ownership and animal welfare.


Animal Services Hours of Operation:  Monday-Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Animal Shelter Hours; for Adoptions, Drop Off/Intake, Redemptions.


Monday-Friday 12:00 Noon - 4:00 PM  Saturday 12:00 Noon - 2:00 pm.


Please be aware that we do not hold any animals in the shelter for the public or rescue.  We operate on a first come, first serve basis. However, we reserve the right to put a hold on an animal under our care if required.




Adoption Fee:         $25.00

Rescue:                  $10.00 (only 501-C3 Non-profit rescues)

Redemptions:         $25 + $10 per night board. (Redemption fees waived if animal has ID on intake, has not been redeemed from our shelter in before and owner redeems within 24 hours).

Boarding:                $10.00 Per day

Bite Quarantine:     $25 Redemption + $10 per night Board + $5 Rabies Vaccine

Rabies Vaccinations:  $5.00


Having Problems?

If you are experiencing a problem with a stray dog or cat or have a complainant against the neighbor's dog please contact the front desk at the Animal Shelter for assistance. You may contact us at (919) 496-3032.


Lost Animals

If you have lost a pet, please call the Franklin County Animal Shelter as soon as possible.  We strongly encourage you to visit the shelter promptly to see if your pet has been impounded.  

Animal Services holds stray animals for 3 business days. Please contact us immediately if your pet is lost.  Please refer to our Animal Ordinance section for further details.

Please contact the shelter at 919-496-3032 if you have a missing animal or email us at: animalshelter(AT)


Animal Bites

All animal bites can be serious and those involving a human being are considered an emergency and should be reported immediately to 911, 24/7.  The Animal Control Officer on call will be notified.


All animal bites must be reported at the time of the occurrence and documented by Franklin County Animal Control.  This documentation should include all information related to the animal, the victim, the circumstances under which the victim was bitten, the name of the animal's owner and the rabies vaccination history of the animal.


Dogs and Cats who have bitten a person will be quarantined for 10 days from the date of the bite. $10 per night Board Fees are required at the beginning of the quarantine. $25 Redemption Fees and $5 Rabies Vaccination will be required when quarantine is over and animal is redeemed from the Animal Shelter. Home Quarantines are only allowed for animals who have a current Rabies Vaccination and is at the discretion of the Animal Services Director.


Quarantined animals may only be redeemed by the owner and will not be placed for adoption. Animals which are currently up to date with rabies vaccinations may be quarantined at the owner's residence with the approval of an Animal Control Officer.


Donation Options

Franklin County is full of kind hearted people who want to donate to our shelter. if you would like to donate, you may;


  • Donate Directly to Franklin County Animal Shelter-

    • Bring cash, a check or supplies to the shelter

    • Mail Check to: Franklin County Animal Shelter 113 Market St

             Louisburg, NC 27549

  • Donate toward Spay and Neuter for shelter animals (Franklin County Animal Shelter Accounts)

  • SNAP 919-783-7627 or

  • Youngsville Animal Hospital (919) 494 5511

  • Bunn Animal Hospital (919) 496 7401

Helpful Information:


Spay/Neuter Options for Franklin County Pets

If you would like to have your pet spayed or neutered, please contact your local vet.


  • Bunn Animal Hospital: 919 496 7401

      76 Crossing Place

      Bunn, NC 27508

      115 North Church Street

      Louisburg, NC 27549

      3091 Mays Crossroad Road

      Youngsville, NC 27596

      141 E. Main St

      Youngsville, NC 27596

      101 E Green St

      Franklinton, NC 27525


SNAP - Spay Neuter Assistance Program of North Carolina - Visit their web site at or call (919) 783-7627 to make an appointment.


SNIF - Paws for Life - Visit the web site at: or call 919-990-1047.


SNIP Fund - Sponsored by the SPCA of Franklin County - Visit the web site at: or call 919-556-0954.


Safe Haven for Cats - Located in Raleigh - Visit their web site at: or call 919-872-1128 to make an appointment.

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