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What happens to someone when they get arrested?


Depending on the level of the crime, the person will either be held for court, held under a bond or released on a promise to appear.


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When can I see or speak to someone that has been arrested?


You may speak to the arrestee after bond has been set by the Magistrate. Each arrestee is given one phone call and afterwards the inmate is given a pin number and an account is established in order to make additional calls. However, the inmate must have funds in the account to make telephone calls.


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How can I get a refund for a cash bond that I've posted?


You’ll need to provide the Clerk of Court with the following information:


  • The cash appearance bond receipt number.

  • The court disposition or "no information" (when case is not prosecuted).

  • A photocopy of the driver's license for the person who posted the bond.


If you don’t have the original cash appearance bond receipt (the blue form), you can obtain a certified copy of the bond receipt from the court file. You can request a lost bond form by writing to us or by calling the Clerk of Court at 919 497 3030.


If you don’t have the court disposition or "no information", you may obtain that by writing to:


Franklin County Clerk of Superior Court
102 South Main Street
Louisburg, NC 27549


The traffic and misdemeanor division is located at the Franklin County Court Annex situated at 113 South Main St, Louisburg, NC, 27549.  When writing to the Clerk's Office, please refer to the defendant's name, date of birth and arrest number.


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