Employment Opportunities


We are currently not recruiting for sworn or non-sworn positions at this time.  If positions do become available in the future then we will list them here, and on the Franklin County Government Employment page.

Careers in Law Enforcement


Thinking of a career in law enforcement? Do you want to to do something worthwhile, like give something back to your community? If so, then a career in law enforcement might be for you.


Working in law enforcement you will become part of a team that takes steps to reduce crime and the fear of crime. Achieving this will mean:


  • meeting daily challenges

  • accepting responsibility

  • working as a team

  • gaining the respect of your community

  • protecting the public from violence

  • providing a reassuring presence in our communities

  • support victims of crime and offer help to those who have witnessed crimes

  • investigate complex crimes using a mixture of cutting-edge technology and time-proven traditional methods


As a law enforcement professional you will be placed on the frontline of crime initiatives. However, your exact role depends on whether you choose to specialize in a certain area after your Basic Law Enforcement Training.


Everyone who serves with the Franklin County Sheriffs Office has to complete a six month probationary period working on patrol as a deputy. Many officers prefer to spend the majority of their careers on patrol - but others opt to transfer to more specialize areas of work.


Whatever you choose, you will be guaranteed a varied, exciting and challenging role.


You must be a person who thrives on challenges, and are willing to work hard to learn the skills necessary for this difficult but critical role.


Don't doubt that this can be a tough and unpredictable job, but it is also an extremely rewarding position. Every day when you put on your uniform and go to work, you will be making life safer and more secure for your friends and neighbors, and making our communities a better place to live and work.


What's in it for you?


There's so much to gain from becoming a law enforcement officer.


In return for your hard work you will:


  • have a rewarding job where no two days are ever the same

  • be constantly challenged and always learning

  • be valued for your contribution to your community

  • have continual opportunities for development


Sound interesting?


Then please contact us to learn more about what it takes to become a law enforcement officer, and the opportunities available. Note: Please know that we will gladly talk to any person interested in a career in law enforcement even though we may not be currently recruiting.