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Welcome to the Franklin County Detention Complex

by Major Avery Wilson


Thank you for visiting the Detention Complex webpage. The Franklin County Detention Complex is located adjacent to the Sheriff’s Office at 285 T Kemp Road, Louisburg, NC 27549. This facility has recently undergone extensive renovations and has the capacity to house a total of 176 local, state and federal inmates.

Custodial Sentence


If you or a member of your family has received a custodial sentence, the process of being incarcerated can be a daunting experience.  On behalf of my Detention staff, I would like to assure you that regardless of the reasons for the incarceration any person detained within the detention complex will be treated fairly and professionally while being detained at the facility, and that all grievances will be addressed within a 24-hour period.


Serving on the Detention Center leadership team are Major A. Wilson, Lt. B Ayscue and Lt. D Crews. They can be contacted by calling:  919 496 3731



On the day of visitation, the inmate will receive a signup sheet to add two (2) visitors. We DO NOT give out visitor names over the phone. You must be present with photo ID before such information is released.




1. For security purposes you many not bring any items into the facility unless it relates to a known medical condition. Any medications (prescription and over-the-counter) must be approved by the medical team on site.


2. At visitation time, you must present a photo ID before seeing an inmate.


3. No children under the age of 4 are permitted to enter the visitation area.


4. Detention staff will not relay messages to inmates.


5. Cell phones are not permitted.


Visits are limited to twenty (20) minutes per inmate. To be added to an inmate’s visitation list you must plan ahead and coordinate with the inmate.

Jail ATM


Funds may be deposited into an inmate's account by using the kiosk facility at the Detention Complex, or by clicking the image to the left, where you will be directed to the JailATM™ website. They are contracted to provide basic account services to the inmates of the Franklin County Detention Complex.

Inmate Phone Services


Please click the image to the left to be directed to our inmate phone services provider.

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