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Public Information

by Terry Wright


Sheriff White and his management team work hard to provide accurate and timely information pertaining to the daily operations of the Franklin County Sheriff's Office (FCSO), supporting the FCSO's goal of ensuring transparency and accountability to the citizens of Franklin County. 


Below are links to useful information, statistics, and reports generated by the FCSO and the North Carolina Department of Justice.


Your Sheriff’s Office is committed to working with all members of the media by providing them as much information as is practical, providing that the release of such information does not impede policing operations or endanger police officers' lives (in accordance with Chapter 132 § 132-1.4)


Media Log
Incident & Arrest Reports

Check here for regular reports pertaining to recent incidents in Franklin County.

Sheriff Winstead would like you to know who is managing all areas of business for your Sheriff's Office.  Please click the badge above to learn about our Management Team.


The Sheriff in conjunction with Franklin County Government believe in detailed and concise budgeting of all public money used in the daily operations of your Sheriff’s Office.  All approved budgets pertaining to these operations will be uploaded here. 

Please click the above logo to be redirected to the North Carolina Department of Justice website for the Sex Offenders Registry.  There you can also download the smart phone application and search for all registered sex offenders in your area.  

MobilePatrol connects you to important safety information, news, and critical alerts for places you care about. We partner with public safety and law enforcement agencies nationwide so you can receive timely access to information that keeps you and your loved ones safe.


Simply enter zip codes of places where you live, and you will automatically receive alerts and updates from public safety agencies that serve those areas. Stay on top of what’s going on at home, at work, at your son or daughter’s schools, or where grandma lives.


As dedicated law enforcement professionals, we work daily to not only combat all areas of crime, but to also understand crime factors and trends.  Please click the above logo to be redirected to the North Carolina Department of Justice website for statistics relating to reported crimes in Franklin County.  


Victims Compensation Services reimburses citizens who suffer medical expenses and lost wages as a result of being an innocent victim of a crime committed in North Carolina. Victims of rape, assault, child sexual abuse, domestic violence, and drunk driving, as well as the families of homicide victims are eligible to apply for financial help.


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