Message from the Sheriff - Kent Winstead

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On behalf of all those who serve at the Franklin County Sheriff's Office, I would like to welcome you to our home online. This website was developed in consultation with the citizens, community leaders, and municipal police agencies of Franklin County. 


Covid Vaccinations

Franklin County is offering Covid vaccines for interested persons every Tuesday and Thursday. If you are interested in receiving your Covid vaccine, please click on the link to schedule your appointment.


Don't Fall for Tax Scammers this Tax Season

As tax season rolls around, our office tends to see an increase in scams that compromise people’s W-2 information.

In some of these scams, a person who works in their company’s human resources or payroll department receives a spoofed email from the CEO or a top executive requesting W-2 or other personal employee information. In other scams, you might receive an email or a phone call from a person claiming to be from the IRS, asking for income verification information or other tax data.

Be very careful about how you share your tax-related information, and follow these tips to avoid scams:

  • Verify that the message is authentic. If the sender is someone you know, call them and confirm that they actually sent the message. If you’re not familiar with the sender, don’t respond and report the email to your company’s IT department and to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center.

  • Beware of scammers posing as the IRS and demanding tax payments over the phone. If you get a call from someone claiming to work with a government agency, chances are he or she is a crook. Unless you have received written communication from the IRS that outlines your tax debt, the IRS is unlikely to call you to collect. Ask them for the caller’s name and identification number. Then, hang up, look up the agency’s telephone number and call the agency directly to confirm the information. Also, if anyone demands you make immediate payments using gift cards, money orders, or wire transfers, hang up the phone – it's a scam.

  • Guard your personal information. Identity thieves can use your Social Security number to take out loans, open credit cards or even collect your tax refund. Remember, email is vulnerable to hackers, so avoid emailing your Social Security number or other confidential information to a tax preparer or accountant. If you’re using a website to file your taxes, make sure your information is secure by looking for the lock icon on the address bar.

  • Watch out for tax refund thieves who file returns in your name and collect your money. If you receive a notice or letter from the IRS indicating that more than one tax return was filed in your name, respond immediately to the IRS employee whose contact information was provided.

Report email or phone scams and suspicious messages to our office’s Consumer Protection Division by filing a consumer complaint online or calling 1-877-5-NO-SCAM. If you are a victims of a security breach, learn more about how to minimize the damage at

Coronavirus Information:

For up-to-date information related to Coronavirus (COVID-19) please visit our Franklin County Health Department Website at:  or NCDHHS at:

Effective Tuesday, November 3, 2020, the Franklin County Sheriff’s office will close each Tuesday and Thursday at 4pm for cleaning and disinfecting as part of our on-going effort to continue to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The Franklin County Sheriff Office is working with our community partners and government agencies to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus in our County by temporarily limiting services in the following areas:

  1. Fingerprinting for employment and other public services will be completed Monday - Friday, 8am until 1pm.

  2. To protect those in detention in our jail, and detention staff visitations for inmates will be suspended until further notice.

  3. New concealed carry permits, renewals, and gun purchase permits are available.

    • For gun purchase permits we will be mailing all approved purchase permit(s) to applicants. Applicants are encouraged to apply online through Permitium, but we will still receive permits in the office.

    • For new concealed carry permits, please apply online by clicking here. Once application is complete, call 919-496-2186 to schedule fingerprinting.

    • For renewal of concealed carry permits, please apply online here. The office is open to process renewals.


Currently the office is still open to the public however, only one person is permitted in at a time.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office encourages others to follow the recommendations from the CDC COVID-19 website and educate yourself on symptoms, knowing how the virus spreads, how to protect yourself, and the latest updates on the number of infected citizens and locations.

The Sheriff’s Office will always be open to the public, but in an effort to reduce exposure to employees’ certain services listed above are temporarily suspended, we will return to full services as soon as possible.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation and understanding during this difficult time but please be assured that your Sheriff’s Office and Municipal Police agencies are here for you should you need us.

Kent Winstead 



Information regarding the latest Governors Executive Order-

The Governor has issued a new Executive Order, effective this Friday, June 26 at 5pm, that requires the wearing of face coverings or masks in some settings. Here are some important points that we want the public to be aware of as to this Order and our approach to enforcing some elements of it:

1.            Arrests are NOT authorized for failing to wear a mask under this new statewide Order- the Order says that only businesses can be cited, not individual patrons, workers, or guests. The Order specifically states that "all North Carolinians will be on the honor system about whether or not there is a reason why they cannot wear a Face Covering. Everyone in this state is asked to tell the truth and if they are healthy and able to wear a mask-to wear a Face Covering so that they do not put other people at risk of serious illness and death."

2.            Masks are not required at all times when in public- masks are only required if a person is inside or outside in/at a: retail business, restaurant, hair salon, child care facility, state government facility, public transportation, high density workplace (like a meat processing plant), a nursing home, and in health care facilities. There is no mentioned requirement to wear a mask in most private workplace settings, in the home, or outside in public places like parks. Mask wear is still encouraged, but not required, in other public or private settings.

3.            There are many exceptions to mandated mask wear — People who are actively eating and drinking are not required to wear masks, nor are masks required for children under age 11, or persons with medical conditions which prevent mask wear. These exceptions are specifically listed in the Governor's Order.

4.            Wearing a mask while carrying a concealed weapon is not illegal if the person is wearing the mask for purposes of prevention of COVID- 19 infection and is otherwise authorized by law to carry the concealed weapon

RAIDS Online Active! 

In keeping with my pledge to modernize your Sheriff’s Office I announced months ago that we had begun integrating our incident reporting system to the RAIDS online database. I am pleased to announce that this is now complete, and that you may now view (via an interactive map) certain types of offences that have been reported to us.

By delivering this information to you, we hope to build and strengthen our working relationship with the citizens of Franklin County so that we may combat crime more effectively.

To view reports, click on the logo above and in the Jump to City dropdown menu (left side of screen), select  "NC – Franklin County". You may then zoom in and view reports from the previous 24hrs.  





Mobile Patrol:


I also highly recommend the Mobile Patrol App. This app will allow you to search our current inmate database, as well as notify you of public safety alerts for Franklin County.


Click on the image above to download the app to your cell phone. 



Online Residential Check Form:


Once again, you spoke and we listened. For your convenience we have developed an online residential check form for you to fill out should you be away from your primary residence for an extended period of time. You can access the form here.