Message from the Sheriff - Kent Winstead

On behalf of all those who serve at the Franklin County Sheriff's Office, I would like to welcome you to our home online. This website was developed in consultation with the citizens, community leaders, and municipal police agencies of Franklin County. 



Tackling Drugs in our County:

Working with our communities we have had many successful drug seizures over the past few years. Following information received the Drugs and Community Action Teams of the FCSO successfully intercepted a large quantity of drug money south of Louisburg. The final count amounted to $297,791.00. In the past three and a half years with our sustained campaign against the drugs trade we have seized drugs with a street value of over $3.8 million dollars. 









RAIDS Online Active! 


In keeping with my pledge to modernize your Sheriff’s Office I announced months ago that we had begun integrating our incident reporting system to the RAIDS online database. I am pleased to announce that this is now complete, and that you may now view (via an interactive map) certain types of offences that have been reported to us.


By delivering this information to you, we hope to build and strengthen our working relationship with the citizens of Franklin County so that we may combat crime more effectively.


To view reports, click on the logo below and in the Jump to City dropdown menu (left side of screen), select  "NC – Franklin County". You may then zoom in and view reports from the previous 24hrs.  






Mobile Patrol:


I also highly recommend the Mobile Patrol App. This app will allow you to search our current inmate database, as well as notify you of public safety alerts for Franklin County.


Click on the image below to download the app to your cell phone. 













Online Residential Check Form:


Once again, you spoke and we listened. For your convenience we have developed an online residential check form for you to fill out should you be away from your primary residence for an extended period of time. You can access the form here.


The Franklin County Sheriff Office has opened a satellite office in Franklinton. The office is located with-in Franklinton Town Hall (7 West Mason Street) and will be staffed by an Administrative Support Specialist Monday – Thursday, 8:00am until 3:00pm. To contact personnel at the Franklinton satellite office feel free to call, 919-494-7315. 


Individuals interested in obtaining pistol permits as well as the conceal carry permits (and elect not to apply on-line) may visit this office to obtain the applications.

You will be required to turn in the paperwork and pay the necessary fees at the Sheriff main office located at 285 T. Kemp Road in Louisburg.


In addition, the Sheriff Office Community Action Team (CAT) will operate out of this location. The CAT is a four person unit that will focus primarily on drug interdiction, speed enforcement in school zones and sub-divisions, vehicle check points, constant proactive patrols in areas that have experienced a rash of crimes such as break ins in sub divisions, search for fugitives and missing persons and conduct community watch programs as well as the citizen academy.


As always constructive feedback is always welcomed. 


Yours sincerely,


Kent Winstead


Franklin County Sheriff's Office



Weekend Service Days


Sheriff's Office is open on the second and third Saturday of each month from 8am to 12pm.  

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